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108 Rosewood (Red Sandalwood) Mala for Chanting , Meditation

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  • Sandalwood Kanthi Jaap Mala made from genuine Sandalwood
  • Maintains Ritual Purity
  • Helps Stimulate Sense of Awareness, awaken Divine Thoughts
  • Small Round Beads & Lightweight for Chanting, Meditation, Peace of mind, helpful in reducing stress
  • Perfect for gifting and for personal use

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Sandalwood Kanthi Jaap mala is made from Sandalwood, a fragrant tree, revered highly by followers of hinduism. Sandalwood Kanthi japa mala is regarded as best for worshipping hindu gods as well as for chanting and meditation. Buy authentic Sandalwood Kanthi Jaap Mala only from reputed online stores. Hindu Temple Store is a dedicated online store for everything related to Hindu Puja & Worshipping. All our products are exported directly from India and are sourced by a team of devotees who ensure every product is genuine. Also, check out our wide range of divine figurines, statues, sculptures, mala, rudraksha, yantras, and other authentic Indian pooja items. Buy this Sandalwood Kanthi Jaap Mala from an authentic Hindu pooja store, sign up on the Hindu Temple Store for exclusive offers and discounts.

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